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 NcasadiThe casadi namespace
 CCallbackCallback function functionality
 Ccasadi_limitsCasadi_limits class
 CCasadiExceptionCasadi exception class
 CCasadiMetaCollects global CasADi meta information
 CCodeGeneratorHelper class for C code generation
 CDaeBuilderAn initial-value problem in differential-algebraic equations
 CFunctionFunction object A Function instance is a general multiple-input, multiple-output function where each input and output can be a sparse matrix.
 CGenericExpressionExpression interface
 CGenericExpressionCommonEmpty Base This class is extended in SWIG
 CGenericMatrixMatrix base class
 CGenericMatrixCommonEmpty Base This class is extended in SWIG
 CGenericTypeGeneric data type, can hold different types such as bool, int, string etc
 CGlobalOptionsCollects global CasADi options
 CInputInput instruction
 CIOInstructionAn input or output instruction
 CLinsolLinear solver Create a solver for linear systems of equations Solves the linear system A*X = B or A^T*X = B for X with A square and non-singular
 CLoggerKeeps track of logging output to screen and/or files. All printout from CasADi routines should go through this files
 CMatrixSparse matrix class. SX and DM are specializations
 CMatrixCommonEmpty Base This class is extended in SWIG
 CMXMX - Matrix expression
 CMXNodeNode class for MX objects
 CNlpBuilderA symbolic NLP representation
 CNonZerosAccess to a set of nonzeros
 COutputInput instruction
 CParsedFileA parsed file
 CPolynomialHelper class for differentiating and integrating polynomials
 CPrintableObjectBase class for objects that have a natural string representation
 CSharedObjectSharedObject implements a reference counting framework similar for efficient and easily-maintained memory management
 CSliceClass representing a Slice
 CSolveAn MX atomic for linear solver solution: x = r * A^-1 or x = r * A^-T
 CSparsityGeneral sparsity class
 CSparsityInterfaceSparsity interface class
 CSparsityInterfaceCommonEmpty Base This class is extended in SWIG
 CVariableHolds expressions and meta-data corresponding to a physical quantity evolving in time
 CWeakRefWeak reference type A weak reference to a SharedObject
 CXmlFileXML parser Can be used for parsing XML files into CasADi data structures
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