CasADi CasADi C++ API docs - revision 2847
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CasADi::AcadoFunctionCasADi to ACADO function interface
CasADi::AddBinaryOperation< I >
CasADi::AuxOutputSXRepresents an auxillary output of a function
CasADi::BinaryChecker< I >Is the operation binary as opposed to unary
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_ADD >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_ATAN2 >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_CONSTPOW >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_DIV >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_EQUALITY >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_FMAX >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_FMIN >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_MUL >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_POW >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_PRINTME >
CasADi::BinaryChecker< OP_SUB >
CasADi::BinaryMXRepresents any binary operation that involves two matrices
CasADi::BinaryOperation< I >
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_ADD >Addition
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_ATAN2 >Arctan2
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_CONSTPOW >Power, defined only for y constant
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_DIV >Division
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_EQUALITY >Equality
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_FMAX >Maximum
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_FMIN >Minimum
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_MUL >Multiplication
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_POW >Power, defined only for x>=0
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_PRINTME >Identity operator with the side effect of printing
CasADi::BinaryOperation< OP_SUB >Subtraction
CasADi::BinaryOperationE< I >
CasADi::BinarySXRepresents a basic binary operation on two SX nodes
CasADi::CachedObjectA cached reference counted object
CasADi::CachedObjectNodeInternal class
CasADi::casadi_limits< T >
CasADi::casadi_limits< SX >
CasADi::casadi_math< T >Easy access to all the functions for a particular type
CasADi::casadi_math< int >Specialize the class so that it can be used with integer type
CasADi::CasadiExceptionCasadi exception class
CasADi::CasadiOptionsCollects global CasADi options
CasADi::CFunctionInterface to function implemented as plain code
CasADi::CFunctionInternalInternal class for CFunction
CasADi::OptimalControl::CollocationDirect collocation
CasADi::CollocationIntegratorCollocation integrator ODE/DAE integrator based on collocation
CasADi::CommChecker< I >Is commutative
CasADi::CommChecker< OP_ATAN2 >
CasADi::CommChecker< OP_CONSTPOW >
CasADi::CommChecker< OP_DIV >
CasADi::CommChecker< OP_POW >
CasADi::CommChecker< OP_PRINTME >
CasADi::CommChecker< OP_SUB >
CasADi::ConstantMXRepresents an MX that is only composed of a constant
CasADi::ConstantSXRepresents a constant SX
CasADi::ControlSimulatorPiecewise Simulation class A ControlSimulator can be seen as a chain of Simulators whereby some parameters change from one Simulator to the next
CasADi::ControlSimulatorInternalControlSimulator data storage classs
CasADi::CplexMatrixCplexMatrix is a class used to convert CasADi matrices to CPLEX format (similar to CSC). The class definition can be found in cplex_internal.cpp
CasADi::CplexSolverInterface to CPLEX solver
CasADi::CRSSparsityGeneral sparsity class
CasADi::Interfaces::CSparseLinearSolver with CSparse Interface
CasADi::DensificationMake an expression dense
CasADi::DerBinaryOpertion< I >Calculate function and derivative
CasADi::DivBinaryOperation< I >
CasADi::EvaluationSXRepresents a function call
CasADi::ExternalFunctionInterface for a function that is not implemented by CasADi symbolics
CasADi::F00Checker< I >If evaluated with both arguments zero, is the result zero?
CasADi::F00Checker< OP_ADD >
CasADi::F00Checker< OP_FMAX >
CasADi::F00Checker< OP_FMIN >
CasADi::F00Checker< OP_SUB >
CasADi::F0XChecker< I >If evaluated with the first argument zero, is the result zero?
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_ASIN >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_ASSIGN >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_CEIL >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_DIV >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_ERF >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_ERFINV >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_FABS >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_FLOOR >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_MUL >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_NEG >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_SIGN >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_SIN >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_SINH >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_SQRT >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_TAN >
CasADi::F0XChecker< OP_TANH >
KINEMATICS::FrameDefine the concept of a mechanical frame
KINEMATICS::FrameNodeInternal class to make Frame trees reference-safe
CasADi::FunctionIOStructure that contains the numerical values for the inputs or outputs of a function
CasADi::FXGeneral function
CasADi::FX0Checker< I >If evaluated with the second argument zero, is the result zero?
CasADi::FX0Checker< OP_MUL >
CasADi::FXInternalInternal class for FX
CasADi::GenericExpression< ExType >Expression interface This is a common base class for SX, MX and Matrix<>, introducing a uniform syntax and implementing common functionality using the curiously recurring template pattern (CRTP) idiom.
CasADi::GenericMatrix< MatType >Matrix base class This is a common base class for MX and Matrix<>, introducing a uniform syntax and implementing common functionality using the curiously recurring template pattern (CRTP) idiom.
CasADi::GenericTypeGeneric data type
CasADi::GenericTypeInternal< T >
CasADi::IfNodeRepresents a branch in an MX tree TODO: Change name of file
CasADi::ImplicitFunctionInternalInternal class
CasADi::InfSXRepresents an infinity SX
CasADi::SXFunctionInternal::int_compiletime< v >Helper class to be plugged into evaluateGen when working with a value known already at compiletime
CasADi::SXFunctionInternal::int_runtimeHelper class to be plugged into evaluateGen when working with a value known only at runtime
CasADi::IntegerSXRepresents a constant integer SX
CasADi::IntegratorInternalInternal storage for integrator related data
CasADi::IPMethodInterior point method This method is experimental only. Do not attempt to use if you do not intend to dive into the source code. The current purpose of the class is to show how an IP method can be implemeted in CasADi. If someone wants to take responsibility for this class and make it work, then please contact the CasADi developers
CasADi::Interfaces::IpoptQPInternalInternal class for IpoptQPSolver
CasADi::Interfaces::IpoptQPSolverIPOPT QP Solver for quadratic programming
CasADi::IpoptSolverInterface to IPOPT NLP solver
CasADi::JacobianJacobian class
CasADi::JacobianInternalInternal node class for Jacobian
CasADi::JacobianReferenceMaps non-zero elements
CasADi::Sundials::KinsolSolverKinsol solver class
KINEMATICS::KinVecRepresent kinematical vectors
CasADi::Interfaces::LapackLUDenseLU LinearSolver with Lapack Interface
CasADi::Interfaces::LapackLUDenseInternalInternal class
CasADi::Interfaces::LapackQRDenseQR LinearSolver with Lapack Interface
CasADi::Interfaces::LapackQRDenseInternalInternal class
CasADi::LiftedSQPSequential Quadratic Programming method implementing the Lifted Newton approach symbolically
CasADi::MappingMaps non-zero elements
CasADi::Matrix< T >General sparse matrix class General sparse matrix class that is designed with the idea that "everything is a matrix", that is, also scalars and vectors.
This philosophy makes it easy to use and to interface in particularily with Python and Matlab/Octave.
CasADi::MinusInfSXRepresents a minus infinity SX
CasADi::MinusOneSXRepresents a minus one SX
CasADi::MulBinaryOperation< I >
CasADi::OptimalControl::MultipleShootingMultiple Shooting
CasADi::MultiplicationAn MX atomic for matrix-matrix product, note that the factor must be provided transposed
CasADi::MuscodFunctionCasADi to MUSCOD function interface
CasADi::MXMX - Matrix expression The MX class is used to build up trees made up from MXNodes. It is a more general graph representation than the scalar expression, SX, and much less efficient for small objects. On the other hand, the class allows much more general operations than does SX, in particular matrix valued operations and calls to arbitrary differentiable functions
CasADi::MXAlgElAn elemenent of the algorithm, namely an MX node
CasADi::MXFunctionGeneral function mapping from/to MX
CasADi::MXFunctionInternalInternal node class for MXFunction
CasADi::MXNodeNode class for MX objects
CasADi::mysortclassA helper class to use stl::sort in OptionsFunctionalityNode::getBestMatches
CasADi::NanSXRepresents a not-a-number SX
CasADi::NLPSolverInternalNLP solver storage class
CasADi::NonZeros< M, K >Access to a set of nonzeros
CasADi::NonzerosNonzerosOpA matrix-matrix binary operation with matching nonzeros
CasADi::NonzerosScalarOpA matrix-scalar binary operation where one loops only over nonzeros of the matrix
CasADi::NormMatrix and vector norms This base class and the derived classes represent matrix and vector norms that are intended to be used when formulating convex optimization problems. Note that they are not intended to be evaluated numerically or differentiated, instead the idea is that they should be eliminated from the computational graph during a reformulation (cf. CVX software)
CasADi::Norm2Represents a 2-norm
CasADi::NormFRepresents a Frobenius norm
CasADi::NormInfRepresents an infinity-norm operation on a MX
std::numeric_limits< CasADi::SX >
CasADi::OCPSolverBase class for OCP solvers
CasADi::OCPSolverInternalInternal node class for OCPSolver
CasADi::OneSXRepresents a one SX
CasADi::Interfaces::OOQPInternalInternal class for OOQPSolver
CasADi::OptionsFunctionalityProvides options setting/getting functionality Gives a derived class the ability to set and retrieve options in a convenient way. It also contains error checking, making sure that the option exists and that the value type is correct
CasADi::OptionsFunctionalityNodeInternal class
CasADi::Mapping::OutputNZInput nonzero and dependency index
CasADi::ParallelizerParallelizer execution of functions
CasADi::ParallelizerInternalInternal node class for Parallelizer
CasADi::PrintableObjectBase class for objects that have a natural string representation
CasADi::Interfaces::QPOasesInternalInternal class for QPOasesSolver
CasADi::Interfaces::QPOasesSolverInterface to QPOases Solver for quadratic programming
CasADi::QPSolverInternalInternal class
CasADi::RKIntegratorFixed step Runge-Kutta integrator ODE integrator based on explicit Runge-Kutta methods
CasADi::ScalarNonzerosOpA scalar-matrix binary operation where one loops only over nonzeros of the matrix
CasADi::SharedObjectSharedObject implements a reference counting framework simular for effient and easily-maintained memory management
CasADi::SharedObjectNodeInternal class for the reference counting framework, see comments on the public class
CasADi::SimulatorIntegrator class An "simulator" integrates an IVP, stopping at a (fixed) number of grid points and evaluates a set of output functions at these points. The internal stepsizes of the integrator need not coincide with the gridpoints
CasADi::SimulatorInternalSimulator data storage classs
CasADi::SmoothChecker< I >Smoothness (by default true)
CasADi::SmoothChecker< OP_CEIL >
CasADi::SmoothChecker< OP_EQUALITY >
CasADi::SmoothChecker< OP_FLOOR >
CasADi::SmoothChecker< OP_SIGN >
CasADi::SmoothChecker< OP_STEP >
CasADi::SparseSparseOpA sparse matrix-matrix binary operation
CasADi::SQPMethodSequential Quadratic Programming method The algorithm is a Quasi-Newton method with damped BFGS updating to that assures positive definitenes of the Hessian approximation. Line search is carried out via backtracking until with the Armijo condition applied to the T1 (in Nocedal phi1) merit function is satisfied
CasADi::SubBinaryOperation< I >
CasADi::SubMatrix< M, I, J >Submatrix
CasADi::SuperLULU LinearSolver with SuperLU Interface
CasADi::SXThe basic scalar symbolic class of CasADi
CasADi::SXAlgElAn atomic operation for the SX virtual machine
CasADi::SXFunctionDynamically created function that can be expanded into a series of scalar operations
CasADi::SXFunctionInternalInternal node class for SXFunction A regular user should never work with any Node class. Use SXFunction directly
CasADi::SXNodeInteral node class for SX
CasADi::SymbolicMXRepresents a symbolic MX
CasADi::SymbolicNLPA symbolic NLP representation
CasADi::SymbolicOCPA flat OCP representation coupled to an XML file
CasADi::SymbolicSXRepresents a scalar symbolic expression
CasADi::SXFunctionInternal::TapeEl< T >An elemenent of the tape
CasADi::UnaryMXRepresents a general unary operation on an MX
CasADi::UnaryOperation< I >
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_ACOS >Arcus cosine
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_ASIN >Arcus sine
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_ASSIGN >Simple assignment
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_ATAN >Arcus tangent
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_CEIL >Ceil function
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_COS >Cosine
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_COSH >Hyperbolic cosine
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_ERF >Error function
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_ERFINV >Inverse of error function
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_EXP >Natural exponent
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_FABS >Absolute value
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_FLOOR >Floor function
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_INV >Elementwise inverse
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_LOG >Natural logarithm
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_NEG >Negation
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_SIGN >Sign
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_SIN >Sine
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_SINH >Hyperbolic sine
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_SQRT >Square root
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_STEP >Step function
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_TAN >Tangent
CasADi::UnaryOperation< OP_TANH >Hyperbolic tangent
CasADi::UnarySXRepresents a basic unary operation on an SX node
CasADi::VariableInternalInternal node class
CasADi::WeakRefA weak reference to a cached object
CasADi::WorhpSolverInterface to WORHP NLP solver
CasADi::XFunctionInternal< DerivedType, MatType, NodeType >Internal node class for the base class of SXFunctionInternal and MXFunctionInternal (lacks a public counterpart) The design of the class uses the curiously recurring template pattern (CRTP) idiom
CasADi::ZeroSXRepresents a zero SX